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Boat monitoring system

Boat monitoring without a subscription.

remote boat monitoring system

Remote boat monitoring

Hello Sailor allows you to check your batteries and other vital information from your mobile phone.

remote bilge alarm

Receive alerts

With continuous monitoring of your boat security, bilge pump, sensors and voltage levels, you will receive a text message if something isn’t right.

Control from your phone

Prepare the boat before you arrive, by controlling something onboard with a text message.

Hello Sailor remote boat monitoring system

No monthly subscriptions

You’ll only be sending a few text messages, not downloading movies, so you can use a low cost Pay as You Go SIM to remotely monitor your boat for around £5/year.

We’ll send a SIM out for you in the UK, but you can use whichever phone company has the best coverage for your boat.


Creating marine computers for over 20 years

  • Complete remote boat monitoring system including:
  • Low/high voltage alerts for 2 battery banks
  • Remote bilge pump alarm
  • Relay output for systems control from your phone
  • No subscription or contract
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 0.012A current draw
  • Add security sensors, float switches, thermostat, plotter output, shore power relay etc for additional alerts

Reliably looking after your boat

Designed for remote moorings, Hello Sailor uses simple text messages for maximum connectivity and draws just 12 milliamps.

Boat Monitoring System Hello Sailor

A boat monitoring system for all moorings

Hello Sailor is a remote boat monitoring system designed to keep your boat safe in an inlet with very little network signal, even if you have no solar or wind power. It’s designed to be installed after rowing out to your mooring with a screwdriver and a pen knife. It’s complete, expandable and affordable, so that you can use it straight away and without a monthly contract.

Remote bilge alarm

Self contained

Insert the SIM card and connect to your 12v or 24v system to start receiving voltage and bilge pump alerts. You don’t need a Wi-fi or bluetooth connection.


Easy installation

Designed to be installed with minimal effort, 3 wires from your switch panel will tell you when your bilge pump is running or your battery gets low. Add other features when you have more time.

boat monitoring system

No app to download

Save the number as a contact in your phone and text Status to find out how your boat is doing. Hello Sailor uses SMS text messages for maximum reliability. There’s no intermediary cloud service to pay for, and your phone doesn’t need internet connection to receive a text.

Versatile boat security

Designed to be versatile, it can be used with creativity, with almost any type of switch – rather than expensive sensors, you aren’t tied to us, unless you want to be.

Make any type of remote boat alarm. A float switch for a bilge water alarm, a tilt switch to check she’s on an even keel, door sensors for a remote boat security system or your chart plotter output for a remote anchor drag alarm. You just need a switch. See the shop to learn more.

Over 20 years in the marine computing industry, and a lifetime of boats, learn more about us here

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remote boat monitoring system

“Just fired up the Hello Sailor and it works really well, I’m very happy to have found your product. It’s currently set up with one of the bilge pumps and a high level sensor should the pump fail.”

“I found it very straightforward to install and start up. I can fully relax now when I’m away from the boat. I’m so happy I got this.” Nick NB Hood

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