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hello sailor remote boat monitoring system

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Hello Sailor

Since forming in 2000, our sister company Vasari Technology has become the leading supplier of small low voltage computers and ancillaries for the marine industry. Hello Sailor builds on this experience to bring affordable remote boat monitoring to everyone.

Vasari marine computers supply fishing fleets, super yachts and radar systems worldwide. Hello Sailor was created for all vessels from a little desk on a Dutch sailing barge, and all of the boats on the home page are ones we’ve either lived in, owned or built – except the little dinghy at the top, that’s just a nice picture..

We know what’s needed in our products, and we know what is unnecessary. We’ve sailed in the Arctic and Atlantic, ridden motorbikes across Asia and lived in a van travelling around North America. We’ve built award winning wooden boats and driven across the Sahara with an old GPS bolted to the dashboard. We are a small company and enjoy what we do. We use the systems we create, and we’ve learnt a lot about what’s important in the electronics we all carry with us; what they have to deal with beating into a gale or shuddering across a desert.

Designed with care, for all boat owners

Hello Sailor has been built in a way that allows you to expand it and experiment, without tying you down to us, and without forcing us to all be technicians.

A remote boat monitoring system designed to keep your boat safe in an inlet with minimal network signal, even if you have no solar or wind power. We’ve made it simple to install because the right tools are never on the boat when you want them, and free to run because there are enough direct debits in the world.

hello sailor boat monitoring app

If you want to talk about Hello Sailor for your boat, marine trade, or another industry, please get in touch with us here

If you’d like to talk to us about marine computers and integrated systems for your vessel, you can contact our sister company Vasari Technology here

To learn more about Hello Sailor: Technical Specifications

If you just want to see what we’ve been up to: Hello Sailor Instagram

hello sailor

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