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Mains (240v AC) relay. 12v control


Control a mains power (230 volt AC) device on your boat from your phone through Hello Sailor. The switched side is rated at 25A at 250 volts AC. The control side of this relay is 12 volts. Marine specification for mounting on a DIN rail housing. Please ensure that this is installed on a protected circuit, in an appropriate DIN rail housing by a competent electrician, and that the full AC installation on your boat is correctly protected. Extra care should be taken when securing 12 volt DC wiring near 230 volt AC terminals to ensure that short circuits can not occur between the two systems.

25amp 250 volt contactor relay

Continuous duty for the coil and contactors
12 volt AC/DC silent coil (with varistor protection)
Mechanical and LED indicators
Protective separation (reinforced insulation) between coil and contacts
35 mm rail (EN 60715) mount
Compliant with EN 6109 : 2009

Hello Sailor