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Bilge Level Sensor


Amps20A, Residual Current: 0.008A
ApprovalsCE & ISO 8846 Marine Directive 89/336/EEC Approved
HeightOverall: 70mm
Voltage12V, 24V DC
WidthOverall: 92mm
Primary ConstructionNylon
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom

Electric field sensor made by Whale automatically senses the water level in the bilge, and triggers Hello Sailors bilge level alarm if water levels reach 51mm (2″) of water, the sensor resets when the water level drops below 13mm (1/2″). Placed above the bilge pump, this will warn of a bilge pump failure. The bilge level sensor can also be used as a float sensor to control a bilge pump.

This bilge water sensor can be easily mounted on the base or on its side to suit your requirements. It has two colour coded wires for simple installation, red (+) to terminal 1 or 2 of Hello Sailor, black (-) to your negative bus bar. It also features two testing points to ensure it is working correctly.

This kind of sensor will not clog if you have leaves or other debris in your bilge, but it draws a small amount of power and it won’t work if the bilge water is oily, in that instance a float switch is better.

Hello Sailor